I would like to let you know a couple of things that Lucy, my amputee Springer, and I have learned.

Essentially, Lucy really struggles with warm weather because she zooms about constantly, she is the most active dog in the whole area when we walk, but lots of running makes her extremely her hot and, obviously, with only three paws she can’t cool down efficiently. In the summer, she has to swim on every walk of any length to help prevent her overheating. It’s a real danger for her. Also, I carry water and give her lots of frequent drinks so, when she swims, she doesn’t drink far too much in one go which, as you probably know, is another real danger to dogs, potentially fatal. (We have had a cool coat on order for weeks but it still hasn’t come btw.)

The other thing is care of the remaining foot. It works so hard and is very precious.The main things are trimming the hair under fluffy feet otherwise the dog’s grip can be impaired, also making sure there are no mats or grass seeds between toes also, checking the nails are in good condition, not too long, short or even split. Split nails are extremely painful, Lucy had one and kept needing to be carried on walks because she couldn’t bear to out all her remaining foot with the split nail. I didn’t realise and wrongly assumed the pain related to her bones/joints post amputation. I didn’t think to check her toenails for some time, foolishly. She had to have it attended to at the vet, once it grew back she started flying around again.