Well, Hi everyone it’s finally happened we are now going live on this website, hope you like it. Here’s my first blog of many!!! It’s still a work in progress so bear with me, there will be constant updates and things added on a daily basis. I am not a techie so I am learning as I go along.

This website and my support pages via Facebook and Instagram are here to support, guide and be with you throughout your journey from beginning to end. Starting from leading up to and post operation. I am looking forward to giving all of my new found friends the opportunity to share their own journeys with each other via the blogs which in turn will help all of us going through this same (but often very varied) experience. By helping each other, we can give our furbabies the best quality of life leading up to, throughout and in the future.

Yogi is a testament to this and you can see how amazing he is post-trauma. He is now 3 and living life to its fullest. He walks, swims, runs like any 4-legged dog, and to see him now how he is, to how he was pre-op, I could have never have imagined that he would have been this well, happy and able.

I just know how difficult it was for me as his owner to not have the support out there to guide me through this very difficult time for both of us. With this website and support pages together we can inspire instinct in our ‘Three Happy Paws’!!!!